My research focuses on the production and circulation of psychological knowledge in corporate management practices. From the personality tests I explore in my dissertation, to corporate wellness programs, and to unconscious bias training seminars, I am interested in the intersections of psychological techniques, economic value, and identity. I am currently working on several research projects. Feel free to contact me to discuss or read working papers of these projects!

Implicit Bias Testing and Training

  • A project on the history and contemporary uses of the Implicit Association Test: how did this popular online test, and the theory of “implicit bias” that underlies it, become a dominant paradigm to understand and change racial and gender discrimination?
  • A project on the history of the business case for diversity and the future of work

Computing Psychology

  • I examine the transition from paper and pencil psychological tests to computer and online psychological tests and the development of new computerized scoring algorithms. I trace how psychologists and computer specialists debated the validity of administering and interpreting personality tests with computers, situating these debates in broader histories of algorithms, bias, and expertise.
  • Funded by the Association for Computing Machinery History Fellowship, I am researching the history of psychology in human/computer interaction, specifically how IT designers in the 1970s/1980s adopted personality tests to understand user experience with computers and the ideal personality traits of programmers & programming teams.

Consulting Psychologists and Human Resource Management

  • This history of human resources management consulting firms shows how psychological expertise and tools grounded major management consulting firms

Personality Data

  • The history of psychographics in marketing which aims to understand how personal data has become valuable to marketers and advertisers

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