My research projects all converge around the intersection of psychology, technology, and work. From personality tests to diversity training seminars, my projects aim to understand, explain, and (sometimes) critique the way that psychological theories and tools are used in business, with an eye towards fostering diversity and inclusion and challenging inequalities. Feel free to contact me to discuss or read working papers of these projects!

Unconscious Bias Training

As part of my work for Rotman’s Institute for Gender and the Economy, I am researching the history and present uses of “unconscious bias” testing and training.

Computing Psychology

  • I examine the transition from paper and pencil psychological tests to computer and online psychological tests and the development of new computerized scoring algorithms. I trace how psychologists and computer specialists debated the validity of administering and interpreting personality tests with computers, situating these debates in broader histories of algorithms, bias, and expertise.
  • Funded by the Association for Computing Machinery History Fellowship, I am researching the history of psychology in human/computer interaction, specifically how IT designers in the 1970s/1980s adopted personality tests to understand user experience with computers and the ideal personality traits of programmers & programming teams.

Human Resource Management Consulting

  • This history of human resources management consulting firms shows how psychological expertise and tools grounded major management consulting firms

Personality Data

  • The history of psychographics in marketing which aims to understand how personal data has become valuable to marketers and advertisers

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