Speaking + Teaching



I regularly give talks to universities, businesses, and community organizations on diversity & inclusion, on women in STEM, and on fairness and bias in psychological testing.


I’ve taught classes in the history and philosophy of science, management, and communication studies. As a teacher, I emphasize experiential and discussion-based learning, using case studies and hands-on activities to show students how course concepts apply to their own experiences of the world. I’ve also worked in writing clinics, where I provided individualized feedback on students writing.

I designed and taught a new course for the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the University of Toronto. The course, Making Up People: Psychology, Business, and the Self, examined the many tools and theories used to classify and measure human psychology, from intelligence tests to brain scans. Students handled museum artifacts, engaged with pop culture, read scientific journals, and participated enthusiastically in small group discussions. We thought together about the ethical, methodological, and scientific issues in measuring and classifying human beings.